Over the years, hundreds of thousands of hand pump wells have been installed throughout the country of Uganda, and across the continent of Africa. These wells act as a life source to the communities of people depending on them. Unfortunately many of these wells are currently broken and abandoned, no longer providing water due to neglect and irregular maintenance, forcing the people relying on them to search for an alternate source. This often results in communities of people collecting water from rivers, streams, or lakes, which are usually contaminated and many miles away, exposing ┬ápeople to harmful and potentially deadly diseases, while forcing families to spend their days walking long distances to retrieve water rather than working or going to school. It has been reported that up to 60% of all wells in Africa are sitting broken, affecting countless individuals. This is why Global Belief Project has made well restoration it’s primary focus.

Since 2016, Global Belief Project has been dedicated to┬áthe weekly repair of broken hand pump wells in Uganda, restoring clean drinking water to approximately 500-2000 individuals every week. Global Belief Project is passionate about educating the community and offering long term solutions and future sustainability of the well through it’s community development program. After the well is repaired, Global Belief Project holds a community outreach in that village, celebrating the gift of clean water, offering health and hygiene education, hand washing demonstrations, soap to all in attendance, playing games with children, and of course sharing the truth of Jesus Christ.

Global Belief Project is determined to transform the broken and deserted wells into the vital and abundant fountains of life they once were…

Reviving the hope, health, and happiness to even the most rural and desolate of villages.

With your help, we can make a difference. Together we will change lives and save lives. It is Well.

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