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The hype of elections here in Uganda are finally over and we are praising Him for our safe keeping and protection. In the midst of the chaos and fears the election had stirred, The Lord delivered a precious girl into our home. Jessa (17) traveled the long journey solo from our home town of Sonora,… Read more »

Growing Roots in Uganda

Happy New Year from Uganda! As most of you know, our family has been living & serving here in Uganda for 1 month now. (In case this is news to you please check out the beautifully written article from Sierra Lodestar’s Patricia Harrelson) Since our big move across oceans and continents we have experienced The… Read more »

Home Bound

​The day is here! It is our final morning in Jinja before heading home tonight. The journey has been amazing covering three different countries and a lot of ground. It has been exciting, heartbreaking, and joyous. “We have seen joy in even the hardest of places.” One such hard place was Maralel, Kenya -where hunger… Read more »

House of Hope

On Thursday morning Pastor Lane and I met with our new driver Adam and headed over to where the second borehole was being repaired. To our dismay some issues had come along and welding had to be done to some of the parts in order to get this one up and running again. So considering… Read more »

A Note from Jake::

​When most people think of Africa (especially anything outside of South Africa) they think it’s scary. Although Africa is a huge continent that makes up different religions, races, climates, countries, and thousands of different languages, but for the sake of this post we will stick with the general picture of Africa- Which I suppose has… Read more »

The Good Samaritan

Due to lack of internet connection, cell reception, and time I’m writing this blog for Jake and Lane who are currently in Northern Kenya. (Don’t worry you’ll be hearing from them eventually) This is Taylor- Jake’s wife (co-founder of Global Belief Project). I am not writing this to steal a story or glory from my… Read more »

The BIG Reveal!

We have been eagerly working and preparing to launch our 2015 campaign. It is with a full heart, I am honored to announce our It Is Well Campaign! This year our primary focus will be on repairing and maintaining broken wells in Uganda. During the course of our trip to Uganda in July of 2014,… Read more »

Good Morning Jinja

I woke this morning to the frightening yet glorious sounds of the the most incredible storm that these ears have ever heard. The rebellious and powerful rumble of thunder, the harsh cracks of lightning fracturing the dark sky, and the steady pour of rain triumphed the night. I am convinced every being in Jinja is… Read more »

Last Days in Jinja

As our journey here in a Jinja, Uganda comes to close we are all left feeling thankful and beyond satisfied. Each day has been full of adventure, and we couldn’t have asked for a better trip, especially these last few days. We came to Uganda expecting to complete a rainwater system for Grace’s Kids Jinja… Read more »


Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart… ~ Psalm 31:24 As my courage and love for this place grow, my love for home diminishes a little more each day. We spent most of yesterday at Grace’s Kids Jinja Nutritional Clinic. Jake and three men installed the gutters and finished the brick base… Read more »