Our Mission

Global Belief Project’s mission is to share the love of Jesus by providing clean drinking water, improved sanitation facilities, support, and emergency assistance to those in need throughout the world.

What We Do


Global Belief Project is dedicated to nourishing the spiritual needs of people by first meeting the physical, as Jesus often demonstrated throughout the Gospels.

Global Belief Project is focused on the repair and maintenance of broken wells throughout Uganda, and is dedicated to restoring a well in a different village every week, effecting anywhere from 500-2000 lives. Global Belief Project works alongside the local village communities and strives to empower the people, creating sustainable solutions for savings programs and long term well maintenance.
Each week, Global Belief Project holds a large community outreach in the village of the repaired well, celebrating it’s restoration, and sharing beneficial health and sanitation information while offering spiritual encouragement.


We first and foremost pour into our hardworking staff through weekly bible studies. These ministry partners truly labor in the name of Love, as 1 Timothy 1:5 describes. Each member of our team sees every well repair, outreach and relationship as an opportunity to answer the call of Jesus to go and make disciples.

Each child in our Educational Scholarship Program is appointed a mentor whose sole purpose is to disciple and guide the child and family, spiritually and emotionally.
We take the commandment to go and make disciples seriously and find great joy in obedience!


We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and a crucial component to our mission.

Our heart for education is demonstrated through our hygiene education programs at weekly outreaches, well maintenance training, community development, staff discipleship, and of course educational scholarship program. Our scholarship program not only focuses on the education for the child but whole family care. It is through these programs and our personal relationships, we are able to make vast strides in individual households, not just impacting momentarily for generations to come.


Global Belief Project’s scholarship program revolves around its unique three part approach:
Sponsorship: The sponsor is a committed benefactor who not only relieves the child’s family of financial burden by gifting the youth with the opportunity of proper education but also is able to build a relationship with the sponsored child on the other side of the world
Mentorship: Each sponsored child has a Ugandan national as a mentor. This person stands as a prominent role model offering an open heart, a listening ear, and spiritual guidance through the beautiful and difficult paths of life
Discipleship: Through biblical discipleship, Global Belief Project leadership pours into its mentors so that they may continue to overflow the love of Jesus into each child they mentor


Who We Are

Global Belief Project was founded in 2013 by California natives Jake and Taylor Radovich.
After years of education and experience working in the water industry, Jake felt prompted to use his skill set to help others in need around the world. Lead by their faith, Jake and Taylor (along with their two young children) ventured on their first mission trip to Uganda in November of 2013. The Radovich family has since moved to Uganda, dedicating themselves full time to the Global Belief Project ministry.
Global Belief Project has brought clean water to countless people through it’s weekly well repairs and has expanded to include educational scholarships for children in need.
The Radovich family looks forward to bringing clean water, education, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the nations for many years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our ministry.
We invite you to take a look at the rest of our site, Facebook and Instagram for the most up to date information. We encourage you to consider making a tax deductible donation to our organization, or sponsoring a child in need, but most of all, we ask for you to pray for our ministry and that The Lord would continue to use and guide our family.

In His Great Name,
Jake, Taylor, Jamison, Ezekiel, and Aila Radovich