The hype of elections here in Uganda are finally over and we are praising Him for our safe keeping and protection. In the midst of the chaos and fears the election had stirred, The Lord delivered a precious girl into our home. Jessa (17) traveled the long journey solo from our home town of Sonora, California to Entebbe, Uganda. We are so thankful for His travel mercy and her safe arrival. She will be staying with us for 4 whole months -pending we don’t drive her too crazy causing her to flee the continent.


The elections didn’t cause us too much trouble other than the government shutting down most social media sites for nearly a week and forcing us to stay home more than we’d prefer. Unfortunately we were unable to complete a project last week due to the elections but are now beyond grateful to be back to our normal schedule and routine! Oh how we missed our village days! This week we worked in the village of Nakabango, in a different area than we have ever been. Each village and its people are unique and diverse from others, even different sectors of a village can be as unfamiliar as another country. Stepping into a new village is exciting and filled with possibility. We enter with eager anticipation, expectant hearts -already preparing and praying for the people we will soon encounter. Arriving in this sector of Nakabango was no different and definitely not a disappointment. The people welcomed us with open arms and vibrant smiles. Children clung onto us and invited themselves onto our backs. I love when our excitement and adoration is met with equal excitement and adoration. There is no love like two longing hearts joining as one. The Nakabango Lutheran Church Well has lay dormant for some time. The beauty of the village did not fit with sad demeanor the dilapidated well. The restoration was simple but required much effort from the more than willing villagers. During the repair, the air was filled with laughter, groans from strained men laboring, and flowing conversations in an array of languages and dialects. As the well begins to be reassembled, a lingering silence takes over (This could very well be my favorite part).

Suddenly the air is slightly tense with anticipation. A man begins pumping the newly attached pump, first slowly and then with vigor, and suddenly a spontaneous burst of water begins pouring out of the spout. Cheers of excitement, shouts of joy and gratitude replace the solemn air. This has been the consistent story of each week for the last three months but I’m convinced I won’t tire of it. I wonder if there will come a time when my eyes won’t fill with tears and my heart won’t overflow at this familiar scene.


The Nakabango well provides fresh water for 50 families in the village, a secondary school, a home for elderly widows, and the Lutheran Church- amounting to more than 600 people on a daily basis. This marks our 8th well repair since living in Uganda and 23rd total. God is doing mighty works here in Uganda, what a blessing it is to be with Him on this adventure. Neyan Ziza (or thank you very much) to each of you who made the resurrection of the Nakabango Well possible. Thank you for your prayers and love sent from afar. We know we are not alone in the work, supplication, and celebration that goes into this work. You are loved. You are appreciated. You are vital to these projects. Thank you for the blessings you have poured out on us to pour out on others. We love you all the way to America and back -Taylor

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