​The day is here!
It is our final morning in Jinja before heading home tonight. The journey has been amazing covering three different countries and a lot of ground. It has been exciting, heartbreaking, and joyous.

“We have seen joy in even the hardest of places.”

One such hard place was Maralel, Kenya -where hunger is an everyday reality for so many. Yet, in this place we saw a mother and child be healed and fed, followed by the mother telling everyone that God had saved her baby that day.
Another difficult place was be the prisons we visited here in Uganda which are overcrowded and full of men, many of which are guilty of crimes committed out of desperation. Yet, here they are fed the word of God and have found new meaning for their lives and will leave prison reborn as new men.

“It so often seems that “in the presence of darkness comes the greatest light”.”

Iam also happy to report that here in the Jinja district of Uganda we have repaired 4 boreholes and distributed more filters. With this work completed::

“Approximately 3,600 people will now have access to clean water, that did not previously.”

After being used to accomplish such things I am sure that the saying “God is Good” is the biggest understatement ever uttered. The fact that He would allow me to be part of such a great work is a testament to God’s love and unending grace, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for me and my family in the future.

​Now as I am packing up and preparing to head back to California I am sad to be leaving, but excited to see my wife and children. My 6 year old daughter Jamison is the sweetest and funniest girl I know, and my 3 and a half year old son Ezekiel is silly, rough, tough and so loving all at the same time. As for my wife, well she is my best friend and although it has only been three weeks my heart longs for her so much.

So with my final words I would like to thank all of you made this trip and work a reality through your generous giving and donations.

Until next time God bless and remain in His will.
Jake Radovich



  1. Justin Flores

    This statement will echo in eternity “After being used to accomplish such things I am sure that the saying “God is Good” is the biggest understatement ever uttered.”

  2. Atkins

    Thank you for being a willing vessel to be used by such an awesome God! I can’t wait to see how God will lead you and your family but I know for a fact it will be a great journey!


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