On Thursday morning Pastor Lane and I met with our new driver Adam and headed over to where the second borehole was being repaired. To our dismay some issues had come along and welding had to be done to some of the parts in order to get this one up and running again. So considering we were out in the village and two of the workers had headed back into town to get the welding done we had some time to kill, Ally mentioned House of Hope, a home for children with disabilities that he wanted us to visit. So now with Ally joining us, the four of us headed for the home located in a nearby village.

Upon arriving, I realized that this home was for children with much greater disabilities than I had originally anticipated. This home houses 35 children, all are either severely mentally, or physically handicapped or have cerebral palsy. So even though my resolve to visit the home and hopefully make some of the children smile stood firm, to say I was not taken back and a little uncomfortable would be stretching the truth. Yet thankfully just as we were exiting the vehicle a young man ran up to us screaming with joy as he was unable to speak, but the joy of visitors was clear in his eyes and immediately reminded me why I was there and put a huge smile across my face.

The boy went from me, to Lane, then ultimately to our driver Adam (who was visibly uncomfortable) giving us huge bear hugs. Adam hung in there and ended up following us inside, going through the tour of the entire facility with us. During this tour, we were told how many of the children had been there for years and would ultimately die there, because they were unwanted by their families or communities. Many of the children were abandoned there by their family during the night. The children and the facility were as clean as could be expected, and the caretakers involved were giving all their effort to love these children.

On one of the walls of the home was a section of scripture:

Psalm 139:14 “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.

I found this scripture to be perfectly placed. All these children are God’s children. He made them and loves them more than any of us can imagine, and as Lane pointed out the only thing we could do and the reason God led us there was to show the children some love and affection and hopefully bring some joy into their lives, which I believe we did- -seeing the children so happy, laughing and smiling from ear to ear.

After spending about an hour or so there Adam was clearly shaken and Lane asked him if he had ever been in a place like that to which Adam said no. Lane then asked him how it made him feel and Adam said like he should go home with his children and find a way to raise some money for this place. Which only goes to prove that sometimes the exact place we should be is the place that makes us uncomfortable. Before leaving I spoke with the caretakers and found one simple way I could help was to give them a water filter for the rainwater and tap water systems.

This seemed a small gift for a place with such need, but I have a feeling this trip was meant for more than just the children.

Jake Radovich


  1. Faye wise

    Thank you for sharing your heart Jake. No doubt you received as much from them, as they did from you. Those kind of children have a very special place in my heart, and knowing that someday the Lord wil give them whole complete bodies. Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus with them. Blessing to you both. Faye

  2. Kathy Jolley

    What wonderful words, Jake! When our obedience meets with the plans and purposes of GOD…
    miraculous things happen! You were obviously blessed to be able to be part of one of those events.
    Thank you for sharing that with us.

  3. Cherie Radovich

    Jake you are an amazing person and your writings are incredible . Sometimes we are put in places and situations that we do not always understand. But there is a reason why. And someday you will have an answer. And those children already have the answer. God bless you and all your hard work.


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