Monthly Archives: March 2015

Home Bound

​The day is here! It is our final morning in Jinja before heading home tonight. The journey has been amazing covering three different countries and a lot of ground. It has been exciting, heartbreaking, and joyous. “We have seen joy in even the hardest of places.” One such hard place was Maralel, Kenya -where hunger… Read more »

House of Hope

On Thursday morning Pastor Lane and I met with our new driver Adam and headed over to where the second borehole was being repaired. To our dismay some issues had come along and welding had to be done to some of the parts in order to get this one up and running again. So considering… Read more »

A Note from Jake::

​When most people think of Africa (especially anything outside of South Africa) they think it’s scary. Although Africa is a huge continent that makes up different religions, races, climates, countries, and thousands of different languages, but for the sake of this post we will stick with the general picture of Africa- Which I suppose has… Read more »