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Days 9, 10, & 12

Day 9 It’s early in the morning and I should be doing last minute checks around the apartment for lost socks under the bed and chargers still plugged into the wall; we leave in 45 minutes. We booked a safari thinking the kids would have a miserable time the rest of the trip and by… Read more »

Prayer Needed

We got word from the Radovich family today that 2 year old Ezekiel has contracted Malaria. We won’t know many details, but we’d appreciate your prayers for his quick recovery. Prayer to our Mighty God is the best medicine.

Uganda: Days 5 & 6

Hallelujah! We slept two nights in a row! I know I’m cheating by combining two days worth of recaps and it’s a little unorganized, but finding a solution to my mango mouth problem took up most of my blogging time last night 🙂 Oh mango mouth…. Some people don’t get any reaction from mango skins… Read more »

Uganda: Day 4

Well it was a rough night in the Radovich suite (and probably for everyone else in the compound too). Ezekiel conked out at 6:30, and was impossible to wake up. He slept through dinner and we really had our fingers crossed he’d sleep through the rest of the night. Too bad the old fingers crossed… Read more »

Help Us Match $1000

In the past 24 hours, since Taylor’s first update we’ve had two generous donors offer matching funds. Between the two donors we have matching funds for up to $1000! If we raise the $1000 and get a $1000 match (for a total of $2000), that’s 1/3 of the money we need to build a rainwater… Read more »

Uganda: Day 3

Once again please excuse my typos and incorrect grammar! I’m a day behind so I’m playing catch up. Today Jacob, the kids, and I went to first service at Calvary Chapel Jinja. Pastor Steven delivered a great message from Romans 4 about living in faith. He did a magnificent job. His message really spoke to… Read more »

Uganda: Day 2

How can I possibly put our days and experiences into words? Or capture what we’ve seen with a photo? There is no way anyone can completely understand or comprehend what it’s like here without coming. I wish I could find the right adjectives or shoot a million perfect pictures and videos capturing this place and… Read more »

Uganda: Day 1

Get ready for the longest post ever… Keep in mind: this is just our first day! We made it to Entebbe Uganda last night around 11. Elizabeth picked us up from the airport and we arrived at her house at 2 AM. We slept in a little and the kids slept in A LOT. Jamison and… Read more »